iReprographic’s team of experts have helped many Law Firms and Corporate Entities digitize their hard paper to a more manageable format by scanning them to electronic files. We scan vast amounts of paper documents, index them and code them as needed to better control, store, and manage all data once scanned in. We help from the boxing up of files, coordinate transportation of the boxes. We take care of it all.”
In a constant evolving industry, we continue to improve our document scanning process, so we continue to get better and faster. All projects go through a rigorous quality control process where we evaluate each page to image while ensuring quality and document accuracy. By digitizing hard paper documents to searchable files, clients can optimize business to their advantage, increase productivity, cut labor costs, and access files from various locations by creating a share file network.
OCR (Optical Character Recognition) - Allows individuals to search for keywords with-in a universe of documents in seconds or a fraction of the time it takes to do it physically on paper or image to image.  By scanning and adding the OCR option, your files will be searchable by extracting the text data from the image itself, which will make the discovery of document much more accurate and faster.
Document Coding - Document coding is an important part of the document review process, this allows you to find your documents even faster by extraction certain data fields that the document itself is built on. Whether we organize them by time, date, or document name we can create specific coding fields that meets your needs.